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The Photoshop Toolbox\
Photoshop's toolbox is the tall, narrow palette that sits along the left edge of the workspace. The toolbox contains many of the tools you will be working with in Photoshop. That makes it pretty important! If you're new to Photoshop, it's very helpful to have a printed toolbox reference. If you'd like to make your own, you can do so by printing page 41 from the 'Photoshop Help.pdf' file that came with Photoshop, or you can look up "About tools and the toolbox" in Photoshop online help and print the toolbox overview. Keep this printout handy so you can refer to it throughout these lessons.
When you look at the toolbox, notice how some of the buttons have a tiny arrow in the lower right corner. This arrow indicates that other tools are hidden under that tool. To access the other tools, click and hold down on a button and the other tools will pop out. Try this now by clicking on the rectangle marquee tool and changing to the elliptical marquee tool.
Now hold your cursor over one of the buttons and you should see a tooltip appear that tells you the name of the tool and its keyboard shortcut. The rectangle and elliptical marquee tools have a shortcut of M. An easier way to switch between the different hidden tools is to use the keyboard shortcut along with the Shift key modifier. For the marquee tools, the Shift-M combination toggles between the rectangular and elliptical marquee tools. The single row marquee tools are used less often and must be selected from the toolbox flyout. Another shortcut for cycling through the hidden tools is to Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) click on the toolbox button.
Take a few moments now to familiarize yourself with the tool names using the tooltips. Use the shortcuts you've just learned to explore all the hidden tools. Don't worry about using each tool for now; we'll get to that soon enough. For now, you should just get to know the tool locations and their icons.


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